"Do You Wish There Was an Online Marketing Program On What to Do Next?"

Focusing on what you have to do next after setting up your online business -- without getting overwhelmed by details -- in 4 easy lessons!

“Striking Balance with Online Marketing”

You’ve set up your website.  Now what?

If you believe all those emails you somehow signed up for (the ones that keep appearing in your inbox), that you need to learn just about everything.  And that includes:

  • Best business practices
  • The legalities
  • Building your sales funnel
  • Market and keyword research
  • Building your list
  • Social media promotion
  • What you can create from feedback
  • Taking stock and revising your business plan
  • Where to go from here

Well, they’re quite right.  You do have to know all of the above.  But what they don’t tell you is that you can acquire this knowledge in degrees, so that each round or layer builds firmly on the previous ones.

For now, you only need the next step to start making money with confidence– the bare essentials.  But complete and specific essentials that will stand up on their own (not vague, sketchy ones missing great big sections… that leave you feeling discouraged).

Because you really do need to know…

Where You Stand Now (and Where to Go Next!)

If you tried to instantly master any one of these subjects all in one go, it could be overwhelming — as well as distract you from other areas you need to pay attention to, right now — but that’s precisely what some eProducts and guide books do.  They present you with an overload of sophisticated material on one small area of online marketing… without telling you how to lay a good, solid foundation that will help you build your powerful sales funnel and rock-solid business plan.

Worse, these products often seem to make assumptions and/or skip crucial basics.  You’re left feeling it’s like you’re putting together a jigsaw puzzle — with the corner pieces missing.

(That’s why people feel disappointed.  Some even secretly blame themselves, as if they’re not “smart enough” to “grasp” subjects like market and keyword research — when actually it’s the “teachers” who gloss over it.)

And then there’s something called the Shiny New Syndrome, which has you abandoning your basics — rushing off to invest in products that promise you instant millions (who wouldn’t love that?)

But it’s the basics you need to master before you can maximize your success!

Here’s the trick…

What to Do Next Doesn’t Mean Becoming an Expert in Any One Area

You need a balanced program, showing you all the basics you need (and cutting out stuff you shouldn’t worry about yet).

Combining them all together, in a way you can use today.

Doing this successfully can help increase your profit potential in leaps and bounds.

And get you started, making real money and being in full operation — right away.

Why Does Everyone Skip Over The Basic How-To’s?

And here’s something else that’s important to understand… top gurus will talk till the cows come home about list-building and increasing your traffic — but it’s not often you see one who will focus on those few other strategies and marketing necessities that make a difference.

Not understanding how everything fits together — when and how — means you’ll work very hard — with scant results to show for it (and a lot of frustration).

You’ll be one of the unsuccessful masses — instead of enjoying success at the top.  So why not simply…

Help Yourself to Succeed
— In Four, Focused Weeks

You need to understand and master each stage in your journey… without feeling you have to have forty years experience first, to take your first steps.

So which would you rather do:  Learn all the basic fundamentals — the “groundwork” — flawlessly, setting yourself up for years of steadily growing success… or jump in both feet first with only a smattering of skills… having been promised that everyone else will probably fail, allowing you to succeed with only minimal skill?

(Not very realistic, is it?)

When it comes to making money online with your new business you want to be someone who:

  • Has a realistic overview of their business goals
  • Knows what steps to take (how to get there)
  • Strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and structure
  • Knows the difference between insight and knowledge
  • Knows how to lay the basics in place — without going overboard in any one area (that always leads to neglecting others!)
  • Feels confident — especially when you need to seek help on what to do next
That’s why we created our four-part webinar “Striking Balance with Online Marketing.”  It’s set up to give you the tools you need to get up and running.

You won’t need five or fifteen other guides.  When you’re finished working through the four weekly lessons and easy, one-point-at-a-time assignments, you’ll be able to make good choices about what is really best for you.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step and Really Get Your Business Running?

The format is 4 weekly webinar lessons.  These lessons are packed with solid and specific information… but all complexities have been stripped out, until you’re left grounded in — and knowing at a gut-level — the core essentials.

These are not “for dummies”-type essentials, however:  You’ll be helping yourself to solid business skills (with links to proven resources you may need to use and shortcut worksheets to help you plan).

The key to retaining what you learn lies in the weekly assignment, broken down into bite-sized chunks… that fit together perfectly!

By the time you’ve done this for four weeks, your confidence will increase as much as your internet online marketing knowledge!

“Striking Balance with Online Marketing begins July 10, 2012”

And — naturally — the course comes with our personal guarantee…

30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll find our “Striking Balance with Online Marketing” the best “next step” you’ve ever taken in your online business that we’re offering our personal 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.  No questions asked; just your investment cheerfully refunded if you try it and find it’s simply not for you.
If you’re not completely happy with the information packed into every lesson, just email within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund you, straight away.
Remember, the knowledge contained in our “Striking Balance with Online Marketing” is yours to keep — that’s how confident we are that you’ll find this 4-part lesson series exactly what you need to help you grow your business — the right way!   (In fact, we’re hoping that instead of asking for a refund, you’ll be eager to give our course a glowing recommendation!)

Your lessons will help you gain the knowledge you need.  And here’s how you’ll do it…

Lesson # 1:  Best Business Practices — And How They Can Increase Your Profits

We’ll cover everything you need to know about:

  • Creating a flexible but structured Business plan
  • Finding your focus
  • Short-term and long-term goals
  • Why you need structure (calendars, organizers, your learning style)
  • How to create your own privacy policy
Lesson #2: Increasing Your Profits through Planning and Outsourcing
  • Your Sales funnel (planning your offerings to make the most money)
  • The importance of a compelling freebie
  • The natural (and simple) progression for every email campaign
  • How to best utilize your opt-in box
Lesson #3:  Targeting and Taming Traffic — How You Can Quickly Build Your List
  • Market/keyword research tools
  • Targeting the right people
  • Using optimization tools to increase your traffic
  • Free (and inexpensive) tools and resources (the ones the top guns use)
Lesson #4:  Optimizing Your Resources
  • What you need to know about affiliates, JV partners
  • Deciding on what to sell & delivery methods
  • Product content creation methods
  • PayPal basics — what you need to know to get started
  • The role security plays in list building and retention

That’s just the bare skeleton of each richly-packed (but not overwhelming) lesson.  There are more priceless gems of information — born out of experience (and the sort of lonely trial-and-error we don’t want you to have to make!)

See, here’s our secret…

When You Succeed — So Do We!

Quite apart from the enjoyment of helping others to acquire the tools they need for their business, this is what we do.  Helping you succeed is our niche — and our mission in life.

We’re excited, anticipating your success!

So how about it?  Are you ready to save yourself money — and months of wasted time — by avoiding “piecemeal” products and finding out what to do next?

If you’d like to help yourself succeed quickly, with confidence, faster than you suspect is possible, simply sign up here forStriking Balance with Online Marketing” webinar today!


Want more details?

Well, in no time at all you could be learning about:

  • Working with(in) your budget
  • The legalities — disclaimers, types of business models, what you need on your web page, the latest changes, types of business setups, how to decide if you need a lawyer, etc.
  • Basic optimization — the only steps you need to take
  • Four key qualities you have to instill, in order to attract and engage powerful followers
  • Security (it’s a major concern, nowadays!)
  • Five power tips for making customer feedback turn customers into lifelong fans
  • Five power tips for gleaning the most from competitor data
  • Taking stock:  Are you ready for outsourcing?

Where to go from “here”

So Are You Ready to Start Making Money?

…Or do you plan to keep learning the basics for the next ten years?

If you’re shaking your head to that, and you’ve made up your mind this virtual training is for you, simply sign up for “Striking Balance with Online Marketing” right now!

Yes, Biz HOW Team!  I’m ready to stop fumbling through all the information and hone in on the how-to’s with confidence by registering right now for Striking Balance with Online Marketing” webinar.

I understand I will receive:

  • Four Weekly Lessons — packed with basic but specific knowledge about the steps I need to take
  • Four Weekly Assignments — point-by-point questions will ground me in my new knowledge!
  • Four MP3 Audio Downloads — recordings of each weekly lesson to keep in your own biz tool box
  • ECoaching support — 6 weeks of support to answer any questions you may have about the lessons
  • Insider tips and resource links — so I won’t have to spend months looking for the right tools
  • Handy Planning Tool Guides — to help me plan my campaigns (without forgetting any details)
  • Four Useful Checklists — to help me make sure I’ve taken every step
  • Two Surprise Bonus Items — to keep your momentum and give you further insights to profit
  • A wealth of solid, practical experience — before I ever get started!

And after I’ve worked my way through the “Striking Balance with Online Marketing” webinar , I’ll be able to start selling my services or products, confident in the knowledge I’ve set things up for maximum protection for myself, using the most efficient (and easy) systems and strategies… all for maximum customer satisfaction and solid profit potential!

So what are we waiting for?  I’m ready to jump in:

Classes begin July 10, 2012

I understand I’m backed by a full, 100%, risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.  If I decide this course is not for me, I can request — and promptly receive — a refund at any time within that 30-day period.  (And the knowledge is mine to keep — and use!)”

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Classes begin July 10, 2012


When you succeed – so do we!  Take action right now, and get the how-to tools to propel your business forward on a solid foundation that you can build and expand on!

The Biz How Team
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Biz HOW Team

The Biz HOW Team