Sample Only of a Virtual Event Web Sales Page!!

This virtual event is about… [relevant information about your event]






You will hear on this virtual event:  [list the benefits of the call – the pains you’ll remove, the solutions you’ll provide]

  • Benefit #1
  • Benefit #2
  • Benefit #3

More about why guest should attend…[more relevant information about your event]


By attending this event you will:  [List the outcomes or what guests will learn]


  • Outcome #1
  • Outcome#2
  • Outcome #3

Your call to action…”example:  sign up now before registration closes”…[instruct your guests on what to do]

This is a sample only of what a virtual event web sales page may contain and could look like.
Be creative and think of who your target market is.
~sample provided by Lori Isachsen